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Product information "DIN RAIL TEMPERATURE SWITCH HTS 1000"
The HTS 1000 DIN rail temperature switch can be combined with a PT1000 temperature sensor to measure the temperature in a range between -99 degrees Celsius and +850 degrees Celsius (depending on the sensor used) in various media (air, water, oil, etc.). Based on this measured value, a variety of temperature controls can be implemented using 3 different functions (thermometer, cooling and heating). Various consumers (e.g. fan heaters, air conditioners, signaling systems, etc.) can be controlled automatically and manually or directly through 2 integrated, potential-free relays. A clear OLED display provides constant (or time-limited) information about the current temperature, the selected function and the current switching status of the integrated relays. Installed in a DIN rail housing, the HTS 1000 is perfectly designed for use in a control cabinet and professional use in commercial and private environments. The DIN rail temperature switch is suitable with all areas of application where temperature control in heating or cooling mode is required, e.g. as a replacement for defective thermostats in heating systems, as a replacement control for air conditioning systems, for monitoring and controlling temperatures e.g. in the production of beers and spirits or in a greenhouse for temperature-controlled ventilation. For example: If the water temperature is set to be at 40 degrees Celsius, the HTS 1000 can automatically reheat the system if it deviates from the set-point by using a connected heating element.
Scope of Delivery:
– HTS 1000 DIN rail temperature switch
– PT1000 temperature sensor (cable length 2 m)
– Operating instructions German / English

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