Warranty Terms

Smart ideas and trendy design – for over 30 years, the H-TRONIC brand has stood for the best workmanship, maxi­mum reliability and lasting functionality. We underpin our high-quality standards with an extended 2-year manufacturer‘s warranty for increased safety. Should any defects arise, our customer service ensures a quick and straightforward solution.

The product includes a manufacturer‘s warranty (see below for further information and a note on the warranty)

The following terms apply:
The manufacturer (H-TRONIC GmbH) provides a 2-year warranty for the products advertised with the warranty guarantee. The warranty period begins with the invoice date. The manufacturer‘s warranty applies throughout the European Union. If material or manufacturing defects are to arise during this period, the manufacturer – as guarantor under the warranty – shall provide one of the following services at its sole discretion:
– free repair of the products, or
– free exchange of the products for an equivalent item (including, under some circumstances, a later model if the original products are no longer available).

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact the guarantor at:
Industriegebiet Dienhof 11
92242 Hirschau
Email: kontakt@h-tronic.de
Phone: +49 9622 7020-0
Fax: +49 9622 7020-20

The warranty does not apply to damage to products arising from:
– abusive or improper handling
– environmental influences (moisture, heat, electrical surges, dust, etc.)
– failure to comply with any safety precautions
– failure to follow the operating instructions
– use of force (e.g., hit, push, fall)
– unauthorised repairs
– normal wear and tear.

The warranty does also not cover the installation of the pro­duct and removal costs. Batteries and rechargeable batteries are also excluded from the warranty. To process a warranty claim, products must be returned to the guarantor upon request to determine proper warranty coverage. Care must be taken to avoid damage during transport by using appropriate packaging.

To apply for warranty service, you must provide the guarantor with proof of purchase upon request (e.g. by enclosing a copy of the original invoice for the products you are returning). Please be advised that the manufacturer may refuse any warranty claims without proof of purchase, since such proof serves to calculate the warranty period. Furthermore, you must provide the seller‘s name and address should this information be out of date or missing in the proof of purchase provided.

In any case, warranty processing is free of charge for you. Any shipping costs you may have paid will be reimbursed by the guarantor. You shall bear any removal costs arising from returning the product.

Your statutory rights in the event of defects are not restricted by this warranty guarantee and can be claimed by you free of charge. Any existing statutory warranty rights against us shall therefore remain unaffected by this warranty guarantee.

Status: April 2022